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4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Sends Tremors Through the Northeast U.S.

2 months ago
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A tremor rattled the Northeast on Friday morning, surprising residents of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

The 4.8-magnitude earthquake, centered 3.1 miles northeast of Lebanon, New Jersey, caused a brief jolt but served as a reminder of the potential hazards lurking beneath the winter wonderland.

While snowstorms currently dominate the headlines, Friday's quake underscores the importance of preparedness for all types of natural disasters.

Friday's Earthquake

Earthquakes are uncommon in New Jersey. The state's location, away from major tectonic plate boundaries, means less frequent seismic activity compared to areas like California.

However, the presence of regional geological faults can still trigger minor earthquakes.

The last recorded earthquake of any significance in New Jersey occurred in 2022, registering a magnitude of 2.3.



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