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Arctic Air and New Storm System Will Generate Widespread Snow for the Pacific Northwest

2 months ago
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While the East Coast and the South have generated the bulk of the weather headlines this week, the Pacific Northwest is also dealing with its own fair share of wintry weather.

Forecasters are predicting that up to 100 inches of snow and temperatures that drop to 40 degrees below zero are possible in the higher terrains of the region. But what about the lowlands?

Here is what you need to know about the upcoming weather onslaught for the Northwest heading into the weekend.

Perfect Storm of Cold Air and Moisture Brewing in the Pacific Northwest

The mass of bitterly cold Arctic air plunging down from Canada is set to merge with the parade of storms coming in from the Pacific Ocean to create a winter wonderland in the Northwest.

Blizzard conditions and snowfall that hits up 8 feet of accumulation are likely for the hardest hit parts of the region in the coming days.

The inclement weather will be fueled by the continual train of storms that has been moving onshore from the Pacific Ocean lately. These storms have managed to make it as far as the East Coast in recent weeks.

Yet another storm system is gearing up to move on land by the end of the week, just in time to clash with the arrival of the Arctic air mass.



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