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Arctic Air Strengthens Hold on Eastern U.S, Paving the Way for Snow Development

5 months ago
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Lake-effect snow is going to hang around the Great Lakes for a few days while the most persistent stretch of bitterly cold temperatures will grip an area from the Midwest to the Northeast.

Here is the latest on this far-reaching winter weather system.

Gusty Winds Will Expand Reach of Arctic Air

The dynamic storm system first began to impact the central and eastern U.S. to end the week. This weather maker has staying power and is expected to continue to wreak havoc for several days.

One of the most noticeable impacts of this system will be the strong winds. Not only will the windy conditions make being outside miserable but the gusts will also push the mass of Arctic air even farther to the south and the east.

Travel remains slow over the Midwest thanks to another round of snowfall. The frigid temperatures are keeping any wintry precipitation that falls around for the long haul. Road crews are also finding it challenging to keep the highways and streets clear.

The Arctic air is forecast to continue on its journey to the east and the south heading into the new week. A trailing push of cold air will set the stage for more snow showers to pop up across the central and northern areas of the Appalachians to close out the weekend.

This snow may reach as far as the coastal areas of the mid-Atlantic and New England by the start of the new week.



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