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Best Solar Eclipse Viewing Could Be Ruined By Clouds

2 months ago
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The biggest astronomical event of the decade is finally here. But what will the weather be like for the millions of Americans in the path of totality for today's total solar eclipse? Here are the latest details for the worst and best solar eclipse viewing.

How Weather Will Influence the Best Solar Eclipse Viewing

The moon is going to cast a shadow across the sun across a wide swath of land in the U.S. on Monday, triggering a rare total solar eclipse. The deciding factor that determines the extent of the viewing experience for those in the path of totality will be the amount of clouds in any given region when the moon moves across the sun and blocks its rays during the middle of the day.

While the eclipse will happen in the afternoon hours, the exact time of the event varies depending on location. It is also relevant to note that those outside of the path of totality may still see a partial solar eclipse if the clouds do not get in the way.

The majority of the areas in the path of totality will be grappling with some degree of cloud cover. The big question will be how the timing of the clouds coincide with the arrival of the eclipse.

Forecasters are predicting that the best area to see the eclipse in all of its glory will be in Indianapolis, a city in the path of totality that is also likely to see the clouds break just in the nick of time with sun in the forecast for the afternoon. It will also be unseasonably warm in the Motor City with a high in the mid 70s in the forecast.



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