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Can You Spot These Cloud Types in the Spring?

Last month
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If you look up in the sky in the spring, you may see 10 major types of clouds. While meteorologists know that there are more than 100 types, they can be grouped into 10 large groups. Understanding what they look like can help you predict what weather may be occurring over the next few hours.

Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus clouds form about a mile above the Earth's surface. They are usually white, have puffy tops, and most have flat bottoms. If they block the sun for a few minutes, cumulus clouds can be a welcomed sight on a hot spring day.

These clouds form as warm air near the Earth's surface rises and hits cooler air aloft, causing water droplets to form. As they collect, they form cumulus clouds. These clouds usually mean the weather will stay nice unless they grow taller. Then, they may transform into cumulonimbus clouds, heralding rain is heading your way.



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