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Child Rushed to Hospital After Shark Bite in Bahamas Resort

Last month
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A 10-year-old boy from Maryland was bitten by a shark while vacationing in the Bahamas with his family on Monday afternoon. The incident transpired around 4 PM at a resort on Paradise Island as the child participated in a shark expedition at the property's shark tank attraction.

Emergency medical assistance rushed him to the hospital, where authorities have listed his condition as stable.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force issued an official statement regarding the shark bite, detailing that it took place during an expedition in a "Shark Tank" based at an unidentified local resort.

They did not specify the type of sharks housed in the aquarium or the standard protections mandated for visitors participating in such exhibits. Additional information on what transpired inside the tank itself remains unclear.

A police superintendent stationed on the island, Chrislyn Skippings, affirmed she could not describe the safeguards enacted at the shark tank in question. As she is not closely involved with the resort or its marine programs, she declined to disclose the name of the property overseeing the attraction.

However, she did verify the expedition resulted in a shark attack, causing bodily injury to a child visitor, necessitating medical care.

The unidentified resort seemingly offers a snorkelling experience, allowing patrons to swim near live sharks and other tropical marine wildlife in a controlled aquarium habitat.

Images online display signage advertising getting "up close" with reef sharks and nurse sharks. Yet while billed as "easy and fun," the risks inherent in entering waters housing predators apparently proved dangerous despite the presence of guides meant to ensure safety protocols.



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