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Cicadas Sound is So Loud That People Are Calling Police

Last month
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Key Takeaways

  • Large numbers of cicadas are emerging from underground in South Carolina, creating a loud noise that has surprised residents.
  • The noise is caused by cicadas hatching after spending 13-17 years underground.
  • This year is unique as double brood cicadas are emerging at once, potentially involving trillions of cicadas.
  • While the noise may be bothersome, cicadas sound are harmless to humans and pets.

Cicadas Sound Causing Alarm

Authorities in South Carolina say emerging cicadas are so loud that they are being inundated with calls from residents asking about the noise.

The Newberry County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday posted a Facebook message to let the public know that "it is the sounds of nature" they are hearing.

"We have had several calls about a noise in the air that sounds like a siren, or a whine, or a roar," the sheriff's office said. "The sound is cicadas. Cicadas are a super family of insects that appear each spring. The nymphs have lived underground for 13-17 years and now this time they are hatching."



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