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Climate Change Being Played Out in Australia This Week

7 months ago
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It is now official. The year 2023 will go down as the hottest ever on record. Here are the details on this jarring report and what it means for planet Earth.

New Report Proves 2023 is Officially the Hottest Year on Record

You were not imagining it if it felt like a scorcher of a year. A report from the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service demonstrated that the global temperature will end up over 1.4 degrees Celsius warmer than the average reading during pre-industrial times.

The 2023 reading will come close to breaking the 1.5-degree threshold set in the Paris climate agreement, a reading over what climate experts say humans and vulnerable ecosystems will find it challenging to adapt to over time.

It is easy to see how 2023 will go down in history as the hottest on record. Every month since June has set a record for that time period with November coming in particularly warm when compared to the historical average.

The eleventh month of the year was approximately 1.75 degrees warmer than pre-industrial levels. Two of those days climbed over 2 degrees above the average, sounding the alarm bells about what the soaring temperatures could mean for all of the global community.

The details of the alarming report were released the same week that representatives from over 150 nations from around the world are gathered in Dubai for the COP28, the annual climate summit put on by the United Nations (UN).

Ongoing discussions over the past several days have focused on whether or not to completely phase out fossil fuels.



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