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Climate Change Threatens to Extinct Even More Animals

Last month
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The biodiversity of our planet is essential for keeping a balanced ecosystem, but when this gets disrupted, it can mean trouble. So, what factors affect biodiversity.

The main one: climate change.

Climate change is making it difficult for some animals to survive. When we lose these animals, it affects the entire food chain. Let's look at some of them and how climate change affects them.

While some are threatened, others have already gone extinct.

Golden Toad

The golden toad had vibrant orange-gold skin and was about the size of a child's thumb. The golden toad habitat was in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, where they would emerge once a year to breed.

Over 99% of this species disappeared in a single year, which was extremely dry and hot. Scientists believe the climate changed enough that about 70% of the mist that used to keep the cloud forest wet during dry periods has disappeared.



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