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Damaging Wind Gusts and Tornadoes Are Possible in Southeast Texas and Louisiana on Thursday

7 months ago
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While northern portions of the United States are dealing with significant snowfall and dangerously cold temperatures, a severe weather event is beginning to take shape across Texas and Louisiana. This round of severe weather could bring damaging hail, destructive wind gusts and the potential for strong tornadoes starting on Thursday morning.

The highest risk for tornadoes is in southeastern Texas, including Houston. According to the Storm Prediction Center, this area of Texas has an enhanced risk of severe storms. In addition, as storms make their way east into Louisiana, they may produce a few additional tornadoes throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

While those in the Mississippi Valley desperately need rain, this area is still recovering from a recent severe weather outbreak during which over a dozen tornadoes touched down in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Secondary Severe Weather Season Kicks Off in the South

While springtime is most often associated with severe weather in the Great Plains, November marks the beginning of a secondary severe weather season throughout the south.

As cold Canadian air flows into the region, it clashes with warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. Because of this setup, there is typically an increase in damaging storms in November and December.



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