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Hurricane Season

Danger of Warm Ocean Water Temperature

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Key Takeaways

Warm ocean water is fuel for a thunderstorm that may turn into a hurricane. Once surface temperatures rise to 80° Fahrenheit, it creates the perfect condition for a weather disturbance to advance into a hurricane. As the warm water evaporates into the air and mixes with high velocity winds, a major storm system is in the making. Although we often speak about hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons form in the same way, just in different geographical locations. The depth of the ocean water may also fuel a thunderstorm turning into a hurricane.

How the Ocean Water Temperature Causes Hurricanes Hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean and Northeast Pacific Ocean. They’re severe storms with high velocity winds that rotate around a low-pressure center.

The same weather systems happen in the Indian Ocean and Northwest Pacific Ocean, but they’re referred to as cyclones or typhoons.

Ocean water temperature plays a major role in the formation of these weather systems, which is why hurricane season usually occurs between June and November each year.



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