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Daylight Savings Ends This Weekend - What is it Doing to Your Health?

7 months ago
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Get ready to fall forward once again as Daylight Savings is almost over. This weekend on Saturday, November 5th, at 2 a.m. local time, the clocks will shift back, giving us some extra sun in the morning but less in the afternoon. But do we know why we follow this tradition? And more importantly, what is it doing to your health?

Why Did Daylight Savings Start?

In 1784, Benjamin Franklin proposed an idea that would help conserve energy and save some candles by making better use of the daylight during the summertime. However, Franklin's idea didn't catch on until over 130 years later in March 1918 when the Standard Time Act was signed into law.

Energy conservation during World War I was the driving force behind the decision, and the first Daylight Savings lasted until the war was over seven months later.

However, during World War II, Daylight Savings or what was referred to as "Wartime" was adopted once again for the same reason and lasted this time from February 1942 to September 1945.



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