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Deadly Impacts of the Storm in California and The Long Recovery Ahead

5 months ago

A storm in California has brought disastrous flooding, mudslides, and outages amid potentially the worst storm system in state history over the past few days. Over 300 mudslides struck the Los Angeles area alone while 150,000+ households lost power.

Authorities warn more rainfall threatens continued flooding with saturated ground. Read on for more California storm news and the road to recovery.

1-in-1,000 Year Storm in California

California plunged into crisis mode amid potentially the most damaging storm event on record. Unprecedented rainfall has unleashed widespread disasters including dangerous flooding, over 300 mudslides around Los Angeles, sweeping wind damage and blackouts. Another wave of rain threatens additional flooding on Tuesday before the system moves out.

Multiple storm-related deaths have occurred, along with a staggering toll of property damage, infrastructure losses, blocked transportation routes and business disruptions.



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