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Denver Weather Forecast Snow Totals Calling for At Least a Foot Starting Friday

Last month
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A spring storm system is gearing up to drop snow across much of Colorado and into the High Plains in the coming days.

Forecasters are predicting that Denver snow totals could reach up to a foot in the higher terrains, much to the delight of winter sports enthusiasts hoping to squeeze a bit more fun out of the waning season.

Here is a look at what you can expect for this Denver weather forecast snow totals.

Travel Disruptions Likely as Denver, Colorado Snow Whips

Travel delays will be likely throughout parts of Colorado and Wyoming over the next few days as a spring Denver snow storm plows through the region. Roads may end up slippery with snow in Denver and beyond as the system makes it way down from the Rockies.

This weather maker will unfold thanks to an area of high pressure that is expected to move to the southeast across the Great Plains.

As this system creates the rising high pressure, a northeasterly flow of air will move up from the Plains and into the mountains of Colorado. The ascending air will get chillier and mix with the moisture to create rain that eventually changes to snow.

The Denver weather forecast snow totals is calling for several inches to blanket the northern and central portions of the Rockies beginning late Friday and lingering into early this Saturday weather forecast.



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