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Details of the Holiday Travel Forecast Present Mixed Bag of Conditions

7 months ago

It is going to be the busiest holiday travel season on record at airports around the country. Will the weather make matters worse? Here is a look at the early Christmas travel forecast.

Forecast for Americans Traveling Prior to the Busy Holiday Rush

'Tis the season to be planning to hit the road for some holiday revelry. With millions of Americans expected to travel over the next several days, roads and skies are going to be exceptionally congested. How will the weather impact these travels?

Those heading out early will see mostly tranquil weather across all but the West Coast. A large zone of high pressure will remain anchored over the eastern U.S. on Thursday and Friday, delivering ideal conditions for busy airport hubs in New York City, Boston, Atlanta, and beyond.

A potent storm coming in from the Pacific Ocean could spell trouble for travelers by the end of the week in California.



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