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Early Season Arctic Blast to Shock East Coast with Record Lows

7 months ago
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An arctic blast of frigid Canadian air is surging into the eastern third of the United States, promising to deliver the coldest temperatures so far this season. As this polar plunge settles in through Wednesday, Weather meteorologists warn that the deep freeze will usher in freezing conditions from north to south, even in areas that have dodged frost so far.

It's time to brace for the cold. This early cold snap may necessitate extra winter preparations, like stocking up on firewood, servicing your furnace, or pulling out your warmest winter coat.

Temperatures are expected to plummet below normal seasonal averages as the bitter northwest winds funnel in the coldest air yet. So, if you live anywhere from the Great Lakes through the Midwest and into the Northeast, bundle up and get ready for a cold shock before December even begins.

This arctic air mass threatening record lows will force many regions into their first hard freeze of the 2023-2024 winter season.

Frigid Air to Deliver First Hard Freezes

While this arctic blast will not shatter records, it will still pack a punch as many areas face their first sub-freezing temperatures of the young winter season. These plummeting thermometer readings, diving 10 to 20 degrees below normal for November, will make it feel more like January in terms of bitterly cold nights.

The polar push is expected to drive lows into the teens and 20s across the Great Lakes, Midwest, and interior Northeast. But the cold will not be confined to the North. The leading edge of arctic air will spill deep into the South and East, challenging cities like Washington D.C. and Atlanta to their first freezes of the fall.

Both cities have managed to dodge sub-32-degree temperatures so far. However, Weather meteorologists predict lows near or below 30 degrees Fahrenheit by Wednesday morning.



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