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Early Week Could Bring Snow Storm, Northeast and Midwest Targeted

5 months ago

Winter is not quite over for some areas of the U.S. Just days after record-breaking warm temperatures for some parts of the central U.S., a snow storm Northeast and Midwest U.S. is being targeted with will strike early next week.

Here is what you need to know about this upcoming weather maker.

Unseasonably Warm Temperatures to be Replaced with Winter Conditions

Do not put away the winter coats and gloves yet. Forecasters are predicting a stark flip in the weather in the Northeast and beyond heading into the new week. The change in the weather will feel even more dramatic on the heels of the unseasonable warmth.

The upcoming storm system could bring accumulating snow to a large area of the Midwest and Northeast just prior to Valentine's Day. The intensity of location of this snowfall will depend on the storm's specific track, an uncertainty that meteorologists are still monitoring.



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