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Easy Ways You Can Protect Oceans

2 weeks ago
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People should help protect the oceans for many reasons. The ocean absorbs 25% of carbon emissions while providing 50% of the Earth's oxygen supply. It also absorbs excess heat so that the climate stays cooler. It provides about 15% of all animal protein eaten worldwide. Globally, about 3 million people work on the ocean. People make over $3 trillion annually by selling marine and coastal resources. Yet, oceans need your help to stay healthy. There are many ways that people can help.  

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Encourage Less Use of Plastics

About 9 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean annually. Experts believe that by 2050, the weight of all plastics in the oceans will outweigh the weight of all fish in the world's oceans.     Using reusable bottles and food containers helps reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate. In addition, look for items made from recycled plastic or renewable resources whenever you shop. Carry items home in reusable bags instead of plastic sacks. Encourage manufacturers to use less plastic packing materials. Skip the plastic straws and take food home in your own containers when dining out. Recycle plastic whenever possible and encourage your friends to do the same. Join efforts like Earth Island Institute's Plastic Pollution Coalition and help wherever possible. Spend time educating your family and friends about the issue and encourage them to get involved.  



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