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Electric Vehicle Adoption Could Reduce Childhood Illnesses

3 weeks ago
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As the world urgently tries to tackle climate change, the health benefits of switching to electric vehicles (EVs) are getting a lot of attention. A recent report by the American Lung Association sheds light on how this shift could transform the landscape of pediatric health in the United States. By encouraging the production of zero-emission vehicles and transitioning to a clean energy grid, it is estimated that millions of children could be spared from harmful respiratory illnesses by 2050.

Health and Pollution: A Dire Connection

Air pollution claims approximately 8.8 million lives prematurely every year, with children being particularly vulnerable to illnesses caused by pollution. Children have smaller lungs than adults and spend more time outdoors, increasing their exposure to polluted air. Young people are at heightened risk for asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues. "Air pollution and climate change are putting children at risk today,” said Will Barrett, the report's author and National Senior Director of Clean Air Advocacy with the American Lung Association. The report emphasizes the harsh reality facing children in the US if immediate actions are not taken to improve air quality.



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