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Emerging Tropical Disturbance Set to Impact the Caribbean

3 weeks ago
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An emerging tropical disturbance is set to drop a significant amount of moisture across parts of the Caribbean in the coming days. What are tropical weather experts saying about the chances of this disturbance evolving into a named feature? Read on for the details.

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Potential Tropical Disturbance Coming Together in the Caribbean

Saturday marked the official start to the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season. While the tropics are still largely quiet, meteorologists are monitoring a potential disturbance that could generate heavy rain and thunderstorms across a large part of the Caribbean during the first week of June.

The area in question extends from the north-central portion of the Caribbean and not the southwestern Atlantic Ocean waters located east of the Bahamas and to the north of the island territory of Puerto Rico. Another weak tropical disturbance already circulating in this area could merge with a surge of energy coming from the Gulf of Mexico to lay the groundwork for a larger and more potent feature.

Forecasters say that the ocean waters in this part of the basin are more than warm enough to support the development of tropical activity. Water temperatures in this area of the Caribbean are measuring at or above the 80-degree threshold typically needed to fuel tropical weather.



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