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Extreme Heat Grips Southeast Asia, Disrupting Everyday Life for Millions

Last month
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It has been a scorcher of a start to spring for much of Southeast Asia. The country of Vietnam was forced to declare a state of emergency as the temperatures soared, drying up the rice fields in the region.

Meanwhile, schools in the Philippines were closed as the mercury topped 107 degrees in some areas. Here is a look at the extreme heat that has gripped this part of the world over the last several days.

Mekong Delta Region Hit the Hardest by Heatwave

Southeast Asia is known as one of the most vulnerable corners of the planet to the impact of climate change. This region officially encompasses 11 counties and is home to 675 million people, including many communities that are not equipped to deal with heat of this magnitude.

The Mekong Delta encompassing Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia experienced temperatures well over the average during the first week of April. Thailand has been hit particularly hard by the heat lately.

Temperatures have hit records every month for over a year with oppressive humidity contributing to the misery even further. Bangkok has not dropped out of the mid 80s for overnight temperatures in weeks, making it extremely difficult for residents to find a break from the heat.



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