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First Week of June Could Bring First Tropical Weather Feature to the Caribbean

3 weeks ago
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Right on schedule, hurricane watchers are monitoring an area of potential tropical activity in the Atlantic basin. The official start of the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season is June 1. Read on for the details of this area of concern in the Caribbean.

Potential Area of Concern Identified in the Tropics

Meteorologists are warning that the Atlantic hurricane season could get started during the first week of its official calendar. The area of concern stretches from the northern part of the Caribbean, across to the central islands of this region, and down into the southwestern fringe of the Atlantic Ocean. The current forecast models indicate that the most likely time of development of tropical activity in this zone will happen between June 4 and 6.

The last week of May has seen an uptick in shower and thunderstorm activity with multiple rounds of clouds moving through this section of the Caribbean. The existing moisture is being enhanced by a tropical wave. While this activity could certainly serve as a precursor for a tropical event, it will not likely happen for several more days.

Forecasters are predicting that a disturbance in the middle layers of the atmosphere will push across the eastern portion of the Gulf of Mexico during the first week of June. This disturbance could merge with the area of tropical moisture in the Caribbean to fuel the development of this first tropical weather event of the season.

Although some areas of the Caribbean and the southern Atlantic coastline of the U.S. saw some cooler water temperature readings in the spring, the mercury is back on the upswing. The bulk of the Atlantic Basin has been seeing record or near-record high sea surface temperatures over the past several months, leading meteorologists to warn that the upcoming season could be one for the history books.



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