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Watch for These Five Exciting Effects of the 2024 Solar Eclipse

Last month
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On April 8, millions of people throughout the United States will have the rare opportunity to observe the day turning into night as the moon blocks the sun.

While being in the path of totality gives you a clear view of this celestial event, you might be surprised to learn that the effects involve far more than a few minutes of twilight.

Naturally, most people will focus on the sun and the moon throughout the event. But, eclipse chasers know that the entire environment changes during the height of the special moment.

Those who are within areas that only receive a partial eclipse will still be able to notice some of these changes, but you’ll notice the most significant effects of the 2024 solar eclipse when you know what to look for during peak totality when you’re fortunate enough to be in its direct path.

From generating confusion among flocks of birds to creating shadow snakes, get ready to watch out for these five surprising effects of the solar eclipse on animal behavior and the weather.

Enjoy a Picturesque 360-Degree View of the Sunrise and Sunset

The gorgeous colors that appear during sunrise and sunset each day are among the many wonders of nature that everyone should witness as often as possible.

While waking up at the crack of dawn is worth it when you get to see the sunrise in its peak glory, you won’t have to do that on April 8, 2024.

As the eclipse reaches totality, take a break from staring at the sky to gaze out upon the horizon. Here, you’ll be able to see a panoramic view of pink, gold and purple hues no matter which direction you look.

This breathtaking effect is caused by the sunlight that shines through in areas that are outside the path of totality.

If you get the chance, try to snap some photos to remind you of this amazing view that only happens during the time the sun is fully blocked by the moon.



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