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Flooding Runs Rampant Across Plains and Midwest

3 weeks ago
Credit: Associated Press

The flooding that has swept across parts of the Midwest is going to intensify in the coming days as the region continues to be under the gun for heavy rain and severe weather. Here is a look at what is happening in this part of the country.

Flooding Unleashed Across Portions of Plains and Midwest

Multiple rounds of flooding rain and severe storms ushering in dangerous winds will persist this week for parts of the Plains states and into the Midwest. The result will be more surging across area rivers heading into the early part of July.

The zone from southern Minnesota and into southwestern Wisconsin has taken the brunt of the heavy rainfall over the last few days. Almost a dozen major rivers in the region are rising out of their banks as the moisture machine ramps up. For instance, at least 16 river gauges tracked by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have already pushed past their all-time records.

Major flooding has already begun or is expected to commence across the Des Moines, Big Sioux, Little Sioux, Minnesota, West Fork Des Moines, Vermillion, Cannon, James, Rock, and Cedar rivers. Many of the measurement stations at these rivers have recorded high water levels. In addition, major flooding is forecast to happen this week on the Mississippi River at St. Paul, Minnesota.

Keep in mind that it often takes several weeks for the surge of water to move downstream. This means that the middle portions of the Mississippi River will be dealing with the impacts days in the future.

Widespread Impacts of Flooding



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