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Florida Continues to See Impacts of Tropical Rainstorm

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Things are heating up in the tropics after the slowest start to the Atlantic hurricane season since the year 2014. Florida is already feeling the impacts of the tropical moisture as a rainstorm pummels the peninsula with heavy rain and winds this week. Here is the latest on what Florida should be prepared for in the coming days.

Tropical Rainstorm Unleashes Inches of Rain Across Florida

Hurricane experts are monitoring several parts of the Atlantic basin and the eastern Pacific as the tropics show signs of coming to life. This is happening as a tropical rainstorm continues to unleash heavy rain across Florida. The most likely new areas of tropical development over the next few weeks will be across the southern Atlantic coast, the Gulf of Mexico, and the eastern Pacific. Although there are no systems currently coming together, forecasters warn that conditions can change on a dime this time of the year.

Credit: NHC

Meanwhile, Florida is being hit with a massive amount of precipitation as a tropical rainstorm moves across the state. Prior to the landfall of this storm early Tuesday, the Sunshine State had been dealing with unusually hot temperatures and abnormally dry to drought conditions. That all changed when the storm moved into the southwestern corner of the state Tuesday morning.



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