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Four Dead, One Million Without Power After Houston Storms

Last month
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Key Takeaways

  • Severe thunderstorms caused widespread damage across Texas and Louisiana, leaving at least 4 dead and major infrastructure disruptions.
  • The city of Houston bore the brunt of the storm with fallen trees, a toppled crane, and widespread power outages impacting nearly 1 million homes and businesses.
  • Recovery efforts are underway, but some areas may be without power for weeks. Flash flooding remains a serious threat.
  • The storm system is moving east, but communities are working together with first responders to ensure safety and begin the rebuilding process.

Storms Leave 4 Dead

A brutal line of severe thunderstorms tore through Texas and Louisiana late Thursday and early Friday, unleashing destructive winds, torrential rain, and widespread power outages.

The storm claimed at least four lives and left a path of devastation across the region.



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