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Hurricane Season

Franklin, Idalia, Lee & Tammy - Remembering the 2023 Hurricane Season's Fiercest Storms

8 months ago

As the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season enters its final weeks, we look back on a year that saw considerable tropical storm activity. The season brought powerful hurricanes packing high winds, dangerous storm surge flooding, and drenching rain that caused damage through numerous coastal communities.

While we hopefully have seen our last storm threats for the year, the full impact of this harsh hurricane season is still being assessed. Extensive recovery efforts will be continuing for years in the hardest-hit areas.

Though we may now be closing the book on 2023's tropical cyclones, the resilience of storm-weary communities endures. Going forward, we must learn from the following hurricanes as we brace for the hurricanes that may come when a new season dawns.

1. Hurricane Franklin

As the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season reaches its final weeks, one early storm stands out for its memorable fury across Caribbean islands - August’s major Hurricane Franklin. Franklin defied forecasts as it steadily intensified into a powerful and erratic Category 4 storm over ocean waters.



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