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Greater Chance of Stroke Linked to Extreme Temperatures Across the Globe

Last month
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A recent report is demonstrating the strong link between stroke deaths and extreme temperatures. Here is what the data is showing about this connection.

Increase in Extreme Temperature Events Raises Risk of Stroke Fatalities

A new study published in the medical journal Neurology detailed that over a half of a million individuals died as the result of stroke that was linked to either high heat or low temperatures. The impacts of climate change are being blamed on the extreme temperature swings and the number of strokes attributed to these fluctuations.

Diving into the data, men saw more strokes connected to extreme temperatures when compared to women. However, people of all ages were impacted by the shifts in the readings. The study looked at data dating back to 1990, highlighting the impacts of climate change during that time period.

The researchers from Xiangya Hospital Central South University in China looked at the correlation between temperature readings and strokes in 204 different countries and territories. The model leaned on data encompassing disease and illnesses, deaths, and disabilities along with climate numbers that looked at temperatures, cloud cover, and a variety of other weather elements.



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