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Gulf of Mexico Producing More Tropical Weather

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Just days after Tropical Storm Alberto came to life in the Gulf of Mexico, the region may soon see a new development take a similar path. Here is the latest on what forecasters with the National Hurricane Center (NHC) will be watching this weekend.

Credit: NHC

New Feature Coming Together in Southwestern Gulf of Mexico

A new tropical disturbance is churning across the southwestern portion of the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to strike the same general area that Alberto hit earlier in the week. Meteorologists believe that the emerging system could evolve to a tropical depression or storm thanks to a favorable environment in this part of the Atlantic basin. Exceptionally warm ocean waters and low amounts of wind shear will encourage more development in the coming hours.

Parts of South Texas will need to be ready for a new dousing of torrential rain as the feature inches closer over the weekend. The disturbance is part of the Central America gyre that is moving in a west to northwest direction.



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