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Harsh Winter Weather Faces Northwest with Over 100 Inches of Snow and Temperatures Plunging to 40 Below Zero

5 months ago
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Over 100 inches of snow is forecast to bury parts of the Northwest into the weekend as bitter Arctic air clashes with a series of storms originating from the Pacific, leading to blizzard conditions, subzero temperatures, and major travel disruptions.

Multiple feet of snow can accumulate in the high elevations of the Cascades and Sierra Nevada into the weekend.

The recent storm systems impacting the Northwest have also tracked eastward across the country, sparking the most far-reaching and impactful winter events so far this season over the central and eastern United States.

Additional waves of frigid Canadian air are likely to push southward through the remainder of January, ensuring winter maintains its icy grip on the nation.

The incoming storms through the weekend may dump up to 100 inches of total snowfall in the hardest-hit zones per Weather Local StormMax projections.

Feet of powder in the high mountain passes can completely shut down transportation routes until plowing operations can restore access. The snow and cold can also snarl operations at regional airports.

Behind the snow comes an injection of bone-chilling Arctic air predicted to drive temperatures to the lowest readings so far this winter.

Overnight lows are expected to plummet as much as 40 degrees below zero in cities like Great Falls, Montana, threatening daily record lows on multiple nights from Friday through Sunday.

Frigid temperatures will be joined by gusty winds that send RealFeel numbers into the -50s.

These are dangerous conditions where frostbite can occur in minutes. The cold will also drag snow levels down near sea level in the Northwest, allowing accumulating snow in typically spared cities like Portland and Seattle. Highs may fail to get above freezing for several days.



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