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Hiker Dies in New Hampshire White Mountains After Reporting Feeling "Very Cold"

5 months ago
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An experienced hiker dies in New Hampshire's White Mountains, where he made a distress call conveying he felt “very cold” before succumbing while exposed to harsh winter conditions. The victim was 37-year-old Christopher Roma, an expert outdoorsman who had finished formidable long-distance trails and ran his own hiking guide outfit.

On Tuesday evening, Roma’s worried friends called 911 after speaking with him by phone and losing contact. Roma then managed to reach emergency services himself to report feeling very cold, with that call allowing authorities to pinpoint his location between Mount Bond and Mount Guyot.

Rescue attempts faced single-digit temperatures, fierce winds, freezing rain and heavy snow. Teams tried reaching Roma that night but failed due to the extreme weather, while Wednesday morning the National Guard extricated his body via helicopter when conditions relented enough to permit access.

Roma was on a solo excursion in the notoriously dangerous White Mountains terrain. His mother highlighted how such brutal conditions there require hikers to decide whether to continue or turn back when circumstances grow too threatening.

While his definitive cause of death awaits formal examination, the climate Roma described as already leaving him “very cold” early on suggests exposure was likely a critical factor after hours alone battling the elements.

The hazards multiply exponentially for solo hikers when heavy snow and powerful winds compound remote, unforgiving environments. Roma's unfortunate end spotlights again how even expert wanderers court risk when the weather shifts suddenly in isolated backcountry.

While his passion for the wilderness won widespread admiration, his death serves as a reminder of the narrow margin for error solo hikers face when alone in remote natural settings trending deadly.

Rescue Teams Encounter Brutal Conditions Attempting to Reach Stricken Hiker

A large contingent of Fish and Game officers, conservation personnel, and volunteer search squads mobilized quickly in an attempt to reach 37-year-old hiker Christopher Roma, who had made an emergency call Tuesday evening conveying he was “very cold” in the rugged White Mountains terrain.

However, the rescue effort itself soon faced daunting challenges from the extreme winter weather.

The search parties heading out at 2 am early Wednesday morning contended with blowing, drifting snow that slowed progress towards Roma’s location between Mount Bond and Mount Guyot. Deteriorating conditions included single-digit temperatures and winds gusting to 80 mph.

A New Hampshire Army National Guard helicopter crew attempted to reach Roma via air but struggled with low visibility and clouds enveloping the peaks. They were forced to abort several flight attempts that morning.



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