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How Do Animals Behave Differently in the Spring?

Last month
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Many people change their activities in the spring. They often spend more time outdoors, admiring nature and participating in their favorite outdoor recreation activities.

Animals also change their behaviors in the spring. They may emerge from hibernation, get interested in the opposite sex and move to new homes.

While you may instantly think of some examples, like migrating birds, there are other ways that some types of animals change their behavior in the spring which are less apparent.


Many animals reproduce in the spring. This occurs for several reasons, mainly because many animals find resources abundant in the spring.

The increase in daylight hours often triggers hormonal changes, so animals may find it easier to get pregnant. Furthermore, since vegetation is usually denser in the spring, many animals find it the easiest season to hide their young from predators.

Most animals find it easy to grab a meal in the spring and have leftovers to feed their young. Warm days also mean that young ones are less likely to die from cold or heat stress.



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