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How Rain in Puddles is Dangerous for Your Pets

Last month
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While springtime is synonymous with rainy weather, many pet owners must adjust their animal's schedules accordingly. Although cats generally detest getting wet and can stay indoors during rain showers, dogs must venture outside for walks and bathroom breaks.

However, dogs are also susceptible to the elements, and staying outside too long in wet weather increases their risk of falling ill. Rain is beneficial to plants and wildlife. However, it also poses plenty of dangers to your pet's health you may not be aware of.

The Perils of Rain in Puddles

While taking your dog for a walk after a rainstorm can be a treat for the senses, there are dangers you should be aware of as you head outside.

Although humans are smart enough to understand you shouldn't drink from rainwater puddles, dogs often gravitate towards them. Keeping them from lapping up copious amounts of rainwater can be challenging, especially if they are thirsty.

However, a variety of biological and chemical hazards can gather in them and make your pet sick.



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