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How the Weakening El Niño Phase Will Impact the Summer

3 weeks ago
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El Niño is losing its punch, greatly influencing how the summer weather patterns will play out. While El Niño was the dominant player in summer of 2023, its subsequent weakening over the last few months will make it a non-factor heading into the next few months.

In fact, meteorologists are predicting that El Niño will disappear completely by the start of summer.

Here is a more detailed look at this climate pattern and how its absence could influence specific weather this summer.

Understanding How Climate Phases Impact Weather Patterns

El Niño is defined as a particular climate pattern that forms when ocean water temperatures in the equatorial Pacific trend warmer than usual.

Conversely, a La Niña pattern is marked by water in this part of the ocean that is cooler than average. Both of the phases drastically influence the weather patterns all over the planet.

The long-range forecast is calling for ocean water temperature readings to inch higher, eventually reaching near normal levels by June.

Should this happen as predicted, the waters will enter what is referred to as a neutral phase.

The experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center believe that La Niña will not begin to build until the summer is already underway, leaving a short period of time in the neutral phase.



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