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How to Get Solar Eclipse Glasses Free and How to Shop for the Proper Eyewear

2 months ago
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While it may seem too far away to begin planning for, now is the time to get your special solar eclipse glasses in advance of the big April event. Here is what you need to know about picking out the best glasses to watch the eclipse as well as what to avoid.

Finding Proper Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses Will Prevent Eye Damage

The most anticipated astronomy event in years is set to happen on April 8 when a total solar eclipse moves over a large portion of North America. Major cities in the path of totality include Dallas, Little Rock, Cleveland, and Buffalo. Aside from the Texas, Arkansas, New York, and Ohio solar eclipse 2024 view, several other cities will experience some degree of an eclipse.

In order to safely view the eclipse directly, you will need to be ready with a pair of special viewing glasses in hand. It is imperative to remember that looking at the sun can cause severe damage to the eyes, making it essential that you have proper eyewear so that you do not end up with vision issues.

Can I use polarized glasses for solar eclipse? The short answer is no.

Specially designed eclipse glasses use a particular solar filter that protects the eyes. NASA notes that eclipse glasses are simply not regular sunglasses.

Regardless of how dark your everyday sunglasses are, they are not safe to use when looking directly at the sun. The solar filters that are in place in eclipse glasses are typically thousands of times darker than regular sunglasses.

You will risk permanent eye damage if you look directly at the sun without the use of properly engineered eclipse glasses. Potential symptoms of sun damage to eyes include retinal burns and irreversible damage to the cone cells and the rod portion of the eye.



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