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How We Used to Predict the Upcoming Winter with Squirrels, Onions, and More

3 weeks ago

People who lived in an earlier era did not have easy access to weather news. Therefore, they often watched nature to get clues about what the weather might do. Over time, these weather ideas became part of folklore, and people still tell some of these folklore tales today.

Wooly Bear Caterpillars

Some people believe that the black band's width on a wooly bear caterpillar can tell them what the upcoming winter will be like. If the bands are wider, they must prepare for a harsh winter. On the other hand, if the reddish-brown middle band is wider, they can look forward to a mild winter.

Wooly bear caterpillars do not have to worry too much about the weather. They can survive being frozen solid as their bodies produce cryoprotectant, which acts as antifreeze in their bodies. When the weather warms up, they thaw out without any damage being done.


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