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Understanding How Various Weather Conditions Can Impact NASCAR Drivers

5 months ago

Drivers are slated to fire up their engines in the Daytona 500 race this Sunday at 2:30 pm ET in Daytona, Florida. Unfortunately for drivers, spectators, and race organizers, heavy rain could disrupt or postpone the much-anticipated racing event.

Here are a few ways that different weather elements can impact NASCAR drivers.

Rain Biggest Disruptive Force in NASCAR Races

While nearly every type of weather is known to impact NASCAR races, rain is by far the most disruptive. The tires used on NASCAR cars become exceptionally slick when moisture is falling.

If the rain starts to come down during the middle of an event, organizers are forced to delay the race until the moisture ends and the track is dried. This means that a brief shower will only lead to a short break while heavier rains could trigger a significant delay.



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