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Spring Showers and Warmer Temperatures Produce Brilliant Wildflower Displays

3 months ago
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Spring weather often brings an abundance of beautiful wildflowers. As the temperature rises, it triggers wildflowers that it is time to put on their spectacular displays. As days get warmer, so does the ground, encouraging wildflowers to sprout. Usually, nights stay warm enough in the spring that flowers do not freeze overnight. Pollinators also become more active in the spring, helping the flowers complete their life cycle. If you would like to see wildflowers in the spring, consider heading to these locations.

Willow City Loop – Texas

If you want to see the Lone Star State's state flower, head out for a scenic drive along the Willow City Loop to see the bluebonnets in the spring. The flowers usually put on a spectacular display from mid-March to mid-April. Start the scenic drive near Fredricksburg at the intersection of Texas 16 North and Ranch Road 1323. Head east to the town of Willow City. When the road turns south, head north instead. While there will be some curves along the way, you will come out on Texas 16 North again in about 13 miles. Do not wait too long to go to this location because the bluebonnets disappear as the days get hot.

Charleston, Arkansas

Head north of Charleston, Arkansas, about five miles to see the wildflowers at Cherokee Prairie Natural Area and the H.E. Flannagan Prairie Natural Area. These two properties lie next to each other and were operated as one facility for years. The Cherokee Prairie Natural Area is one of the largest tall-grass prairies remaining in the United States, and you will love seeing its coneflowers, beebalm, milkweed, purple passionflowers, black-eyed Susan, sunflowers, Indian paintbrushes. At the H.E. Flannagan Prairie Natural Area, the show's star is the prairie blazing stars. You will want to head to this location in late May to see the blazing stars at their peak.



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