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Ancient Monster Unearthed as India Discovers Fossilized Remains of Gigantic Snake

Last month
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Deep within the earth of western India lies a chilling reminder of a bygone era – the fossilized remains of a colossal snake that slithered through the region 47 million years ago.

This newly discovered creature, named Vasuki indicus after the mythical serpent king in Hinduism, may have been one of the largest snakes ever to have existed, making even the mightiest present-day pythons and anacondas look small.

A Sized-Up Predator

Scientists estimate Vasuki indicus to have reached a staggering length of 10.9 to 15.2 meters (36 to 50 feet), placing it in competition with the previously crowned champion – the extinct Titanoboa from Colombia.

This immense size is believed to have been caused by several factors. One possibility is an ideal environment with abundant food sources, allowing the snake to reach such a massive stature. Another factor could be the lack of natural predators, eliminating threats that might normally limit its size.

Researchers also propose that warmer global climates during that period may have contributed to Vasuki's impressive size. Cold-blooded reptiles like snakes rely on external heat to regulate their body temperature.

Warmer temperatures could have boosted Vasuki's internal temperature and metabolic rate, potentially causing its exceptional growth.



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