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Kona Low and Atmospheric River Bringing Moisture to Hawaii

Last week
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Hawaii is about to be doused with an atmospheric river that is going to usher in flooding rainfall to much of the island chain. Here is a look at this soggy forecast for the coming days.

Atmospheric River Will Combine with Kona Low to Deliver Immense Moisture to Hawaii

The normally sunny Hawaiian Islands are going to be at the mercy of an atmospheric river this week, bringing heavy rains to some of the most popular tourist areas. This powerful fire hose of moisture will pair with an existing Kona Low storm to create exceptionally soggy conditions.

The islands have already been under the gun for atypically wet conditions when a surge of moisture impacted this corner of the Pacific late last week and throughout the past weekend.

The upcoming Kona Low will combine with the atmospheric river to deliver even more moisture than compared to the first system of the week.

Kona Lows develop in the middle levels of the atmosphere to generate significant amounts of moisture. It is this same setup that brought heavy rain to the islands last week, including several inches of flooding rainfall to both Oahu and Kauai.



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