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El Niño and Global Warming Responsible for Lack of Winter Weather on the Great Lakes and Midwest

5 months ago

You may have missed winter if you blinked this year for weather on the Great Lakes and across the Midwest. With the middle of February here, time is running out for winter to make another appearance.

Several cities across this wide swath of the nation are on track to record temperatures that make it the warmest winter on record.

Here is a look at the unseasonably warm winter that has refused to let in snow, ice, and cold temperatures.

El Niño Ushers in Warm and Dry Winter for Portions of Northern U.S.

The Midwest weather forecast along with the Great Lakes have noticed an absence of snow and ice this winter. While the Upper Midwest has seen snowfall levels plunge well below the historical average, ice across the Great Lakes is also at near record-low levels of thickness.



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