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Lake-Effect Snow Event Beginning Across the Great Lakes to Start the Week

8 months ago

Forecasters are honing in on what is likely to be a major snow event for the Great Lakes region in the coming hours. Here is the latest on this snowy and potentially disruptive forecast.

Cold Air Over Warm Lake Waters Triggers Lake-Effect Snow Machine

A lake-effect snow event is going to bring upwards of a foot of snow to a large area of the Great Lakes region. Snow squalls are also a possibility along many roadways into the central Appalachians over the next few days. This snow is part of the same weather maker that dropped a good amount of snow across the Rocky Mountain region over Thanksgiving weekend.

The lake-effect snow is the result of a wave of cold air coming in over the warmer waters of the Great Lakes. The snow will linger through early Wednesday, providing multiple chances for the region to pick up significant accumulation. The worst of the snow is forecast to hit late Monday and into Tuesday.

Several states will be under the gun for the heavy snow bands. Cities in the bullseye of snow development include Detroit, Traverse City, and Buffalo. The heaviest snow bands will form over northern Michigan, the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania, and into northern New York. A total of 1 to 2 feet of snow is possible in this area.



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