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When You Can Expect the Last Flakes to Fly in Various Parts of the Country

3 weeks ago
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Most areas in the U.S. experience the last snowfall of the season during the early spring months. However, some of the more colder climates see the last flakes fly during the early summer.

What is the date of the average final snowfall for your area? Read on for the details.

March or April Typically Delivers the Last of the Snow for the U.S. with Some Exceptions

It has been a year of sparse snow accumulations in many areas of the country this season while other parts of the U.S. picked up higher than average amounts of the white stuff.

Is it time to stow away the snow gear until next year? The answer largely depends on where you live.

March or April is typically the month that the last snow falls for most parts of the nation that pick up meaningful wintry precipitation during the winter months.

For the bulk of the Northwest, the Midwest, and the Plains states, the last measurable snowfall of the season wraps up by April. The farther north that you go, the later that you can expect to see the chance of snow.

Measurable snow is defined as any accumulation of 0.1 inches or greater. Most reporting agencies also do not count hail or grapple in the same category of snow.



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