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Late Wednesday Rain Showers to Unleash Across the East Coast and Last Through Friday

4 months ago

The late Wednesday rain machine will fire up late Wednesday and make its way up the East Coast through Friday, potentially complicating travel leading up to the Easter holiday.

Here is what you can expect from the rain showers over the next few days across this part of the eastern U.S.

Cold Front Will Merge with Mass of Moisture Along East Coast

An approaching cold front is slowing to a crawl along the Eastern Seaboard, giving it time to merge with a storm that has been brewing in the southern part of the country.

Together, these elements are forecast to continue to move to the north up the coast. While the storm is not expected to push far inland, it will bring a significant amount of rain to the coastal areas. The exact track of the storm will determine how far inland the moisture moves in the coming days.



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