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Major Storm Coming Together With Potential of Blizzard Conditions and Thunderstorms

2 months ago
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While most people along the East Coast are focused on this weekend's predicted intense weather, forecasters are busy keeping an eye on what is shaping up to be the second big cross-country storm of the year next week.

In fact, meteorologists are warning that the second significant weather system will bring an even bigger impact. Here is what you need to know about this dynamic whopper of a storm that is coming together.

Millions of Americans to be Touched by This Far-Reaching Weather Maker

The upcoming weather maker is predicted to push through a 1,000-mile swath of land in the central portions of the U.S. expanding from the northeastern corner of New Mexico and up into the northern reaches of Michigan. This storm is forecast to impact a number of major cities, including Kansas City and Chicago.

The change in the weather pattern when compared to the last few weeks of 2023 is being blamed on a more active storm track across the West.

A parade of storms has been coming together in the Pacific Ocean and tracking across the western half of the U.S. The incoming system will also move over the higher terrains and eject out onto the Plains states.

This movement will put it in the position to pull up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico that will collide with cold air coming down from Canada to create the chance of blizzard conditions.

Forecasters are warning that the early week weather system will impact a number of facets of life. Air travel could see the biggest impacts. Shipping interests may also be affected by the snow, slowing down some types of commerce after the busy holiday season.



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