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How Do Meteorologists Predict the Weather With AI

3 weeks ago
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In the past, meteorologists used complex mathematical formulas to try to figure out what the weather was going to do. Experienced weather forecasters sometimes trusted their guts to help them along the way.

Yet, their predictions were often very unreliable. Now, weather people use AI and machine learning to make more accurate predictions.

Let's dig deeper into the question: how do meteorologists predict the weather with AI and how do these programs help make weather predictions more accurate?  

What is Machine Learning Weather Forecasting?

Meteorologists have spent a lot of time feeding historical data into computer programs. Then, they used computers to look for trends. Once these trends are identified, weather people test them to ensure they are accurate.     Once the algorithms are found, new data can be fed into them. Then, the program can predict the weather. The first machine learning weather forecasting may not be extremely accurate. Forecasters can refine the program to teach it where it is making mistakes and how to correct them.    



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