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Microplastics in Water Bottles, Your Clothes, and Now the Clouds? How This Impacts the Weather

2 months ago
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Environmental experts have been sounding the alarm about microplastics in water bottles, clothes, and more and the danger that they pose to the Earth. These tiny particles of plastic matter have been identified in drinking water, air, blood supplies, and even in food. A new report is shedding light on facts about microplastics and how they are also now influencing the weather.

Here is what you need to know about the results of this study.

Understanding Microplastics

Microplastics are defined in scientific circles as minuscule pieces of plastic that measure no larger than five millimeters. This equates to about the size of a sesame seed, visible to the naked eye at times. These plastics are found everywhere, much to the alarm of environmental groups aiming to mitigate pollution.

These small plastics form when larger pieces break down through the process of chemical degradation or by simply wearing down into tinier segments. The bottom line is that nearly any piece of large plastic is going to break down into microplastics at some point in its life span, easily infiltrating the human body, elements of nature, the food and water supply, and more.

It makes sense to reason that smaller pieces of plastic are able to move more freely through the environment. This is how the microplastics find their home in the human body.

Studies have demonstrated that there are negative health impacts found when microplastics circulate through the body, however, the research has yet to pinpoint the full scope of these effects.



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