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Mid-March Weather Brings Stormiest Period of Activity for the U.S. So Far

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Last week's March weather was a harbinger of things to come this spring, marking the biggest severe weather outbreak of the season thus far.

Here is a look back at the storms that sprung up across the U.S. in the days leading up to the official start of the astronomical spring.

Severe Hail and Deadly Tornadoes Rip Through the Central U.S.

It was a wild mid-March weather for the central U.S. last week. The same storm system that dumped up to 5 feet of snow totals in Denver, Colorado was also responsible for fueling a rash of severe weather that roared through the central portions of the nation on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Meteorologists had been warning for days about the possibility of severe weather last week. Tuesday's active weather pattern was the first signal that there may be a rough few days ahead.

There were over 100 reports of severe hail as a Wednesday storm set up across the nation's heartland. Hail the size of golf balls was recorded in places such as Kansas City Wednesday evening as the storms pushed through the region.



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