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More California Storms on the Horizon This Weekend

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Major California storms are targeting the state in the coming days with rain for the lower elevations and snow for the highest terrains. This storm will pack enough of a punch to possibly disrupt travel over the weekend.

Here is what you need to about this impending weather maker.

California Weekend Weather Forecast Calling for Rain and Snow

The storm train has certainly slowed down in frequency and intensity across the Golden State in recent weeks.

April weather is typically when a calmer pattern settles over California. However, the threat of severe weather is not over for the season as a new system is gearing up to strike the region delivering a number of impacts.

The system is originating in the Gulf of Alaska and is predicted to move to the south on Friday before impacting California for the weekend weather forecast. The track of the storm will mean that the Pacific Northwest dodges the bulk of the impacts. But California storms will bring some bad luck to the area.



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