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clash between winter and spring

More Cold Air on Tap for the Midwest this Weekend

4 months ago

It will be March Madness in the Northeast and the Midwest over the next two weeks as the temperatures continue to take residents on a roller coaster ride. Just when those in this part of the country think that spring is here to stay, forecasters are predicting at least two more invasions of cold air by the time that the calendar flips to April. Here is what you need to know about this unstable forecast.

Clash Between Winter and Spring

It is not unusual for the month of March to bring a variety of weather conditions as winter and spring duke it out for supremacy. This clash between the two seasons will be on full display over the next few weeks across the Midwest and into the Northeast.

This week has been a perfect example of this weather juxtaposition. As the Northeast enjoyed unseasonably warm temperatures, portions of the Rockies were buried under snowfall measured in feet while the central part of the U.S. battled severe weather concerns. The forecast for the next two weeks is calling for a showdown between springlike temperatures and a surge of cold air roaring down from Canada to make it feel more like winter at times.

The first half of March has been atypically warm for most of the eastern half of the country. Temperatures have hovered about 5 to 15 degrees above the historical average for most communities. The back half of the month will be a different story with the mercury falling below the norm at times.



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